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Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Indian politics- I'm a citizen

The Indian politics- I'm a citizen


Beni give me a cup of tea, yes sir, will you prefer butter toast with your tea? No, give me a biscuit with my tea I have no extra money to effort your butter toast, ok.

Hey, do you all come together in the morning? Yes da, in fact, we are always together when we go out we are apart. The whole world like a theater. this is true.

So 'Ram' what about you?                                                                                                                                                                  
Ram- Now our time is running fast, from Himachal to Kanyakumari you can only see us. We only used emotion in politics where every opposition uses a lot of money. The spirit of patriotism is the spirit of better nation-building. Now all the old and young generations are with us. But every year there is so much unemployed, what about this? Ha ... ha ... it will become a habit over time. The problem of the country may not be resolved, but let our nation head see how his influence is working around the world.

Hey 'Sam' what is the situation of your 'Biswa-Bangla'?

Sam- We would rather keep our Bengal at the top than other states of India. But how can this happen! You are the existential crisis of people in Bengal, oh no, the way we are moving forward, we will use power for power, but unemployment is rising day by day in Sam Bengal, what are you doing for this problem? This can lead to unsustainable social activity, increase anti-social activity and may even take the shape of rebellion? Ha ... ha ... no, no, in fact, we have made some projects to suppress all this stupidity. Like distributing rice against the minimum price of 2 rupees, and by making 'Kanyashree' 'Yuvaashree' we will make 'Bangshree'. We are paying a lot of money to many clubs, so of course, they are our supporters, we are giving money to 'Maulana', they are also our supporters, and now we are suppressing and giving money to Hindu priests too, so All Hindus are with us. We will remain in power at any cost.

'Ramesh' is not seen much these days, are you okay? Yes, da.

So while it is true that your party is a national party, what is the reason that it took so much effort to get opposition seats in Parliament?

Ramesh- Actually, we never thought that our politics of thousand crores of money and appeasement will be lost in front of the 'nationalism' of the ruling government. Nowadays technology is improving a lot and people are getting educated day by day, so our fraud politics is not growing around the people of India. But we believe in the family system, in the coming days, we will proceed with this strategy.

Hi, Kabir, why do you keep quiet, say something. Long live communism, this slogan is rarely heard nowadays. Today communism is not in Bengal, not in Tripura, is your existence limited to Kerala?

Kabir- Yes it is true that we have lost our power but according to our situation we can combine and also cut votes. We will move forward only by opposing appeasement politics, nationalism, capitalism, and Brahmanabad. Our comrades are everywhere if they will rebel as necessary, and will again activate jungle terrorists.

Ok, da, we have to go, we going to 'Big-Bazaar' for shopping together. Ok by

Hey, Beni how much of my tea-biscuit? 10 rupee da.

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