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Friday, June 7, 2019

the extream truth: human bieng are not conscious

the extream truth: human beings are not conscious


It's our behavior we all busy to implement our life through hard work and unseen the reality of life. Life is going on to complicated day to day because we don't come out from our unconscious mind. Which is in front of us and is involved with our life, we left it and run to get a different thing and finally we make a different world. Everyone knows if he is born, then he will die, but nobody knows what is the purpose of birth. For the purpose of birth, someone wants to become an engineer, doctor or something else, but this will not stop the game of birth or death; The purpose of birth is to serve the need, to create a reverence for others within yourself, to serve poor people as a human being.

We don't Respect to the woman:-

Why we don't Respect the woman? If we look back on history, the woman is forever oppressed, deprived and oppressed by society. In modern times, its effect was not completely over. In Indian culture, we can see the women's are leaving their home after marriage and come to her husband house forever, But the people of her in-laws continue to persecute her only for dowry. It is strange, women are not safe till late at night on the street, women of maximum families are not allowed to work after marriage, and in all the many social activities they are all Deprived, because they are women.

When people Deprived by the servant:-

We all know once all the countries were dependence by others, After independence, the countries were gain capability on itself, After all, make itself a democratic country. India is also a democratic country, the administration is made to serve the people, the ruling politician is representative of the people, but people deprive by them. How strange in India, in the division of the village, maximum people are deprived of political leaders, whereas democracy is alive by the tax of Indian people. We will pay the tax to develop the country and the political leaders will be involved in corruption, stay happy and deprived we all the people, it is not funny?

We need to get more & more:-

Every day our need getting more and more whereas we know very well that death is certain in our life. We are taking so much stress for achieving our needs, Diabetes is increasing, a heart attack is increasing and weak our body constantly, for our happiness, we just running behind the money but happiness doesn't come at the end. well, I'm not against hard work, but when you will be done your job, you should be stress less, and be fit your body because your death is not decided how riched you are, it is not possible if you are a billionaire than you can get ten years more life.

All countries want to be the best nuclear power:-

We all know about the 1st world war, 2nd world war and many revolutions of independence but if I come to a conclusion it was how many beneficiaries of human beings? A nuclear attack by Soviet sang to Hiroshima, Nagasaki destroys the humanity of humans, till now the soil of this surface area is full poison, If someone is born here, he will be disabled. Many countries spend a lot of money to build Nuclear Bombs, but they do not pay attention to the poverty of their country. one side total cost to prepare a nuclear bomb can destroy a city and human, and another side if this total cost invests in poverty then they will be alive, happy and come out from poverty save humanity.

Self-pride and show others losers:-

If someone has a lot of money, then there is an ego in it and an opportunity to others show humiliated, whereas the truth is that before man is born or after death, the man brings something and neither takes anything. A beautiful face can't decide how nice human you are, many people use branded cosmetics for their skin, face but it's true smell come out from every dead body after 24 hours. At that time all the important cosmetics will fail to do their job.

No one wants to read accurate religious holy books:-

As a Hindu, I respect all religious sacred books, nowadays some monsters are expanding inhuman activities by using their sacred books. Some citizens think that it is right that they are doing, but they never read their holy books fully. every religious people should read their holy books themselves then the narrative thinking to other religions can be finished forever. No religion teaches that you kill an innocent person, this is an illusion created in our midst so that all their shops can run and they all use us the name of religion, in India, all the politicians follow this divided rules But we should be conscious.

There are a lot more things that are simple but we do not see them, so dear readers what we should know more that will be good for society and socialism, please tell us in the comment section what it should be.

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