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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Indian News: Indian politics 2019, BJP vs Gathbandhan

Indian News: Indian politics 2019, BJP vs Gathbandhan


In India, the 2019 Loksabha election complete with seven phases of decision making by the Indian election commission, Six phases voting in India complete already. About 130 crore Indians celebrating with express their opinion to giving a vote to build the strongest democracy in Indian. One side BJP united with NDA and another side 'Mahagathbandhan' that alliance with each-other of all the regional parties from all the state in India. Coming 23rd May voting result will be published by the Indian election commission. If BJP comes again it will be historical in India after independence and BJP would rise as a single largest party in Indian democracy.

Why Gathbandhan made against to one single Party:-

Well, It's so simple to understand 'Gathbandhan' makes only for service himself, not for the Nations, Where in 2014 the BJP alone had achieved the absolute majority and came into the government, there is no way without united of all the regional parties being one. And most of the reason of this unity, all the regional parties suffering from fear of their own scamp, murder accuse, brutality on civilians, Appeasement, Land Acquisition, smuggling, terror funding, and all illegal activities, during six-decade. If the BJP is again in the reckoning, then all these corrupt politicians may be subjected to the action. So 'Gathbandhan' made to save to himself only, they are not worried about the Nation and not for the Indian public. in 2019 election in India where the BJP issue is Nationalism, Patriotism, Freedom from poverty, Digital India, extended job vacancy, To remove inflation, build hugely innovation and start-up in India, India's beauty spread across the world, there 'Gathbandhan' issue in the 2019 election is only to stop Modi, remove Modi. The election of 2019 is being fought only on two ideologies, one who talks about the country and country interest, another side all talk only about their interest, now the country's people have to decide with whom you want to stand.

Why BJP came from such a large scale:-

Before 2014, in 1999, BJP had come once again in the government, under the leadership of 'Atal Ji' and we had seen a lot of development and change at that time. Especially, Before BJP, all the political parties were engaged in appealing to a particular community, for their vote bank. BJP is the only party who speaks after coming to power, 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikash', But all the parties made the life of the common man hell. After coming BJP, now rise hope in the heart of all the victims, maybe Hindustan is now living place for all 130 crore people. Freedom of speech is the fundamental right of the constitution in India, but it was missing before the decade, and It's possible again because of Bhartiya Janata Party. Hindustan was under the control of almost 800 years, sometimes by the Mughals, by the British and by the Italians, during a long time, by the BJP, Hindustan was free and get Independence. India is a democratic nation, it is now known that Hindustani was living in a family system for the past 60 decades. There have been very large attacks in India, earlier Government was not taken any action or reply, but now the present government takes action and gives a strong reply to destroy the terror to entering the home.

What do we want from the Indian government:-

Nobody worried about what do we want from the Indian government, because this is the new subject for those are busy to serve only himself and come in the rule because of himself. just think the last sixty years after Independence only a family how could rule in India? After 2014 the BJP has taught all the Indians that the country runs according to democracy, not on a family rule. About 130 crore Indians first came to know about this constitutional right. Indians need a stable government, which also talks about poverty, to create jobs for the youth, where women are protected, all communities can live with love and peace, there should be no difference between community and caste. The constitutional fundamental rights which the common people got, should never suppress the government. The government should the ability to protect the country and people. Should be focused on nationalism, leaving appeasement, vote bank, and political agenda. The common man's lifestyle is better, the development of the country, all of which depend on the government of the country, the good government always takes the country forward faster.

Why all opposition Is abusing to PM:-

This is the record after Independence where so much abusing from opposition received the Indian Prime minister. It is mysterious to understand, where the democratic India elected government made by voting, why all the political leaders against only one? well, I have reminded the speech of the Acharya Chanakya book 'Arthashastra' Where he said, in a state when all the thieves, robbers, revolt in the king's stand, then you should satisfy the law prevails in the state. The situation is like that in India. The opposition is trying to convince the prime minister to explain the voter, which is totally unconstitutional, we can see how cruelty, murder, burnt home, and so many illegal works have happened during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal. How shameful it is when the Chief Minister of West Bengal says to slap a Prime Minister, the opposition is trying to finish democracy and trying to build a personal rule. the opposition is want to do everything, doesn't matter it's crime or illegal activity, they just want power. They are not worried about the country and not for the people of India.

Now we the people of India should decide what type Government we want, a Nationalism Government who serves the people or a corrupt Government who serves himself and his family. Nowadays university also joins politics, if you raise your voice from 'JNU' and give anti-national slogan, you can get popularity and can be nominated for the Lok Sabha elections, you have permission to throw stones. And the sculpture of 'Vidyasagar' can be broken if you are from 'Jadavpur'. If you make a cartoon against a politician, you will be sent to jail, yes It's true freedom of speech is our constitutional right, but it never works if you are a BJP supporter. the principle should be taken as per the voting. either we the people of India will go backward as compare as the other countries.

A Burning Train: Sabarmati Express, Godhra railway station

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