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Monday, May 6, 2019

A Burning Train: Sabarmati Express, Godhra railway station

A Burning Train: Sabarmati Express, Godhra railway station


A 1000 to 2000 mob killed to 59 Monk (Karsevak), they arson in the train 'Sabarmati Express'. This crowd is of 'Muslim religion', which on that day, the 'S-6' coach of the train was burnt by petrol. 59 Monk was burnt in the fire and screaming in the pains of death and Muslims were enjoying petrol sprinkling and stone-pelting. If I think of slapping someone, the rites stop me, but here a mob of special religion burnt 59 monks alive. How are people so barbaric, how can they do so inhuman work, How they are happy to kill Innocent people, Why all terrorist comes from Islam religious, Why they wound my 'Bharat Maa' my Hindusthan.

Sabarmati Express, a Burning Train:-

In 2002 27 Feb 59 people died in a fire inside the 'Sabarmati Express' train near the 'Godhra railway station' at 7:43 am in the Indian state of 'Gujarat'. The victims were Hindu pilgrims (Karsevak) who were returning from the city of Ayodhya after a religious ceremony. This takes the form of a riot in Gujarat. The train burning after 6 years going over details comes from Gujrat investigating team the fire was arson committed by a mob 1,000-2,000 people.  A commission appointed by the central government (National Congress), whose appointment was later held to be unconstitutional, stated that the fire had been an accident,  A court convicted 31 Muslims for the incident and the conspiracy for the crime.  The conviction was later upheld by the Gujarat High Court.

Many times India wounded by terrorism:-

India has suffered terror attacks several times since independence, is still facing it. Whether it is the Bombay Attack in 1993, several times attack in Mumbai, Hyderabad attack, Parliament attack by Masood Azhar, Kandahar plain Hijack, Uri Attack, Pulwama attack and in every region of India, there are lots of attacks on places. According to the report, more than 100 attacks occurred in India and thousands of innocents were killed in inhuman activities. someone lost his father, mother, someone lost her brother, her husband, some are lost his sister, his child. But this monster is becoming increasingly powerful day by day and there is crushing this society with its feet. And the people of the earth are watching it quietly.

Is only India suffer by terrorism:-

There is not only India with all the world is suffering from terrorist activity. America, France, Britain, Canada, Newziland, Sri Lanka and so many developt countries tolerate terrorism. In America 9/11 was held by the Islamic terrorist group 'Al-Qaeda' Osama Bin Laden, this was the biggest air attack on America 'World trade center'. In Canada FLQ Bombing targeting English businesses and Banks, as well as Mc-Gill university. In 2015 were multiple shooting and bombing on several bars, the restaurant in France. The London Bridge was attacked by three Islamists in Britain in 2017. In India terrorist attack in Pulwama where 42 Indian soldiers were martyred. And recently attack church in Sri Lanka. In the world, all developed countries mind he is powerful, But they are didn't act against Islamic terrorism. Now all the countries should fight together against terrorism, to protect humanity, to uproot Islamic terrorism. For saving humanity in the world all developed countries should use economic power, atomic power, army power against to monster Islamic terrorism.

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