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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How To Secure Gmail Account

How To Secure Gmail Account

Hello, friends welcome to my Blog all of you. today we discuss How To Secure Gmail Account, friends today it's very necessary that how to protect your Gmail account from hackers. Gmail account is so valuable when you relate to Internet surfing. Ok then go for next...
First Page-Get Started

There is made two-step verification by Google that's helpful to set secure your Gmail account. this link also provides below. 
Click- Get Started
When open this page then you should click 'get started' then open another page, the same click gets started on the next page. then select your Gmail account, if you use one then by default it was selected, and the input password then opens next page. you should follow 'choose another option' select 'text message or voice call' redirect other page and input mobile number that already links of your Gmail account. select -text msg/phone call click next button. put O.T.P that you received, click on the next button, open another page and you can see your Gmail totally secure now. don't forget to click the button - 'TURN ON' Now if your account open to any phones or p.c, you get an O.T.P on your phone before Login.
Mobile Verification

Your two-step verification Link-  https://www.google.com/landing/2step/


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