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Monday, April 29, 2019

Balochistan Map - Baloch News Liberation Army and Flag

Balochistan Map - Baloch News Liberation Army and Flag

Baloch children

Balochistan means Land of Baloch people, This place consists of 50% of the total land mass of the country Pakistan. It's surrounded by Afganistan in North West, Iran in the Southwest, Punjab, and Sindh along with the Northeast and toward the south of Balochistan is the Arabian sea. The city 'Quetta' is the capital of the Balochistan that is located in the north-east part of Bolan Pass on the '
Sulaiman' Mountain ranges. It's heard the leaders of other countries in the historical era entered the country by crossing the 'Bolan Pass'. Balochistan is a place that has abundant mineral storage in the land. Balochistan is a storehouse of both renewable as well as non-renewable resources. It is famous for the number of natural resources found here. A large number of fruit 'Orchards' present here and they produce some of the finest varieties that are popular all over the country. A large variety of nuts and dry fruits available here and it's famous worldwide. Natural gas and the excavation of coal are the other minerals in Baloch. And their fishing, animal livestock are the source of livelihood. There have Mountant, Rock, Platue, Lake, And flat Land. Balochistan natural beauty is attractive worldwide.
Baloch Map

Baloch Liberation Army:-

Longtime Balochistan people fought against the Pakistan government of their land. After 1947 Baloch people did not Unite with Pakistan country. They fight constantly of freedom, It's a dream to make an individual country with Baloch people. First Time conflict does not start with arms or grenade, request to Pakistan Government of a particular solution made by dialog. Pakistan does not understand of Baloch sentiment, They took military help to suppress Baloch people. The Pakistani army has been brutally suppressing the Baloch people from the last six decades. In Balochistan build up the different organizations of their freedom and Individual Baloch land. Baloch Army called 'BLA' Since 2004 Baloch Army made by 'Misha' and 'Sasha', 'BLA' Baloch Republic Army, 'BRF' Baloch republic front, 'UBR' United Baloch Army, 'LEB' Laskar-e-Baloch, 'BLUF' Baloch Liberation United Front, 'BSO' Baloch student organization. For individual Balochistan, some Baloch leader fights constantly with Militance, Diplomatically, Dialog and it's going on till today. Some leaders of them- Karim Khan, Nowruz khan, Khair Bakhsh Marri, Brahamdagh Bugti, Aslam Baloch, Muhammad Dahir and so many.
Baloch Flag

Balochistan Flag:-

In 1960 first, introduce the flag of Balochistan by the western leader of Baloch land. There have many organizations in Balochistan province who's are used different types of flag, Insurgencies by Baloch nationalists took place in 1948, 1958–59, 1962–63 and 1973–77 – with a new ongoing insurgency by autonomy-seeking Baloch groups since 2003. The flag of Balochistan made by three colors red, green, sky blue and with one white star, The flag was invented on 27 January 1982 by the Baloch united movement which is now the Government of Balochistan. In 1972  Sardar Attahullah elected the first chief minister of Balochistan Province. During the six-decade, the Baloch leader and people died with cruelty, some of them missing, everyday Pakistani militant kill them and burn their houses. But they continue to fight this even today, It's called the struggle for existence.

Balochistan Education and Food:- 

In Balochistan have Medical college, Engineering college, General College, and School. Including Kadi kabab, Balochi kabab, Balochi Sajji is some of the Balochistan popular dishes. A famous sport of the population of Baluchistan is called 'Buzkashi' Which is also the national sport of Afganistan, Pashtuns are like to play. The world's deepest seaport is located in Balochistan at Gwadar city, It's known also Gwadar port. Pakistani militant kill innocent Baloch people, raped woman, killing children and maximum missing Baloch is under a young age. After so many tortures, they want to be separated from Pakistan and they are still fighting.

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