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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

ramakrishna paramahamsa stories

ramakrishna Paramahamsa stories

In human society, the word 'Ramakrishna' still exists around. His life and words are not only of the people of India but also of all the people of the world, due to pain and pain and all problems. Ramakrishna was a great saint. He was a spiritual guru, he brought together the unity and integrity of all religions. Today we will know from the beginning of 'Sri Thakur Paramahamsa Sri Ramakrishna'.
Ramakrishna Photograph
Sri Ramakrishna father was 'Khudiram Chattopadhyay' who was a Devoted brahman, he Used to worship the lord 'Raghubir' and 'Sitaladebi'. Khudiram was straightforward, righteous and generous And his wife 'Chandramoni' was also there, Think of the house of Lord as his family member. Sri Ramakrishna says about this, that Lord came to king'Dasharath' be a son because of the simple slavery. Khudiram was from the village of 'Dere' Hooghly district West Bengal. Around 40 years of stay life happily with his family, wife Chandra Devi, son Ramkumar, daughter Katyayani, and lord worship. Economically he was a good position with his own pond 150 bighas land and establish the temple of Lord Shiva. The landlord was here 'Ramananda Roy' once he Told Khudiram to make a false witness, But he was devoted to the Lord how can he speak lie? Consequence the Landlord Ordered to leave the village and All property is the acquisition. He did not think of what to do in this situation.

Coming to Kamarpukur:- At last, There is an Arrangement of Lord Raghubir's mercy. In Hooghly district, 'Kamarpukur' was 2 miles far from 'Dere' village. There was an intimate friend of "Khudiram" 'Sukhlal Goswami' when he listens the situation Put him in his own house and giving him some Cultivable land. Like before, 'Khudiram' started spending days in joy, After 3-4 years the Nephew of Khudiram send 15 rupees for helping, this way more less poverty of family. After coming Kamarpukur 'Chandra Devi' birth to another son who was 'Rameshwar'. around 20 years past they came to Kamarpukur. The Khudiram's elder boy is educated on Sanskrit during days and earns some money. Khudiram is thinking about going to the pilgrimage again.

Sri Ramakrishna's birth:- "Khudiram" coming this time the pilgrimage place 'Gaya' And here he saw a strange dream. "In the temple of Gaya A Lord show him to says I going to your home as your boy" The Lord was a Maul in his hand. It is very fortunate for 'Khudiram', He comes back to his village with Ecstatic joy.' Khudiram' explains his dream to his wife 'Chandra Debi' they were very happy this time. When Krishna was in Devaki's womb, his nature was like a goddess, Chandra Devi had to look like this. Then one day came good wishes God is born as a human child on 17th Feb 1836. Lord Sri Ramakrishna born in a 'Dhikkishala', Everybody in the village came to see the child day by day, the child has been beautiful and so attractive. hence Khudiram has a small budget so he thinks to do a  short ceremonial for lord Ramakrishna birth but the villagers did not let it happen. The village Landlord 'Lahababu' helped and the villagers were taken delicious food on that day. Sri Ramkrishna's name was formed as 'Gadadhar'- 'Gadai'.
Ramakrishna Simplicity
Sri Ramakrishna School time:- Gadai goes to school when he was five years old, But he wishes to leave the school. The Gadai who once listened to remembered, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Bedha, Purana every shloka remember fluently. he was so naughty in childhood. the school was so near to his home. every student of the school has to present, And sometimes they used to tell stories and play with each other. Gadai could not go to school every day, Playing 'Bhutir Khal' or playing in a mango garden with companions. The father of Gadai Can not rule because he knows Gadai is the part of the Lord.

The Ramakrishna Integrity:- On the beside of Ramakrishna house have a pond 'Haldar pond' divided into two parts one side for women and another is for men. One day 'Gadai' and his friend's bath in the pond of the woman side and playing in the water, one woman is irritating and says why are you bathing here our bathing places? and ordered to leave but Gadai has many questions in his mind after coming back, so he decides to see for what effect is with him. Then, after three days of hiding on the banks of the tree, the girls were seen bathing. After the next day 'Gadai' says those girl's before Yesterday I saw four people bathing Yesterday six and today eight but didn't happen anything with me. these girls are laughing and say details to his mother. Mother understood her son 'Gadai' every girl's like your mother, if you see her saree less They feel insulted is it good? "Gadai" did not do like this after. 

The Incognito Ramakrishna:- Ramakrishna(Gadai) lost his father when he was seven years old only. he feels so alone and whole day deep thinking going on in his mind. Seeing the statues, he Wandering around talked to the monk and used to serve them. One day, the incognito of monk came at home. One day Ramakrishna attire in Shiva dressed for drama, Everyone is surprised at all This is the true lord! But "Gadai" didn't speak! He is a God who is inclined to meditate and Later he became unconscious. 'Gadai' was a funny man, once 'Durga Das pine' speak some villagers No man can enter my house, Gadai present there so he challenged to Durgadas I can do this. After the next day wore ladies share come to the Durgadas house and say I'm a woman of beside village this evening time how can I reach my home, can I stay here for one night? Durgadas took him inside. Gadai staying there some hours and when his elder brother shouts Gadai, then he comes out. everyone understands and laughing.

The condition of deep thinking:- All the villagers loved Ramakrishna(Gadai), every new dish preparing at home in the village they have taken for Gadai. one day Gadai going to field on beside a small way with his hand parched rice. Natural beauty impressed him, How to wander this sky with full water, One flock white egret flies in the black cloud, Sky looks so much beautiful. One time he going to senseless to deep think how lovely visuality of nature. Parched rice drop in his hand. After some hours somebody watches this senseless boy in the field and took him at home. Once some women's in the village going to "Anur" for the worship of 'Bishalaxmi Devi' Gadai stubborn to go with them. they asked  Ramakrishna how could you manage this two miles distance? Gadai never heard anything. Gadai going with them of sing sweet song "Bhajan" and senseless again for deep thinking of 'Bishalaxmidevi'. All women going to worry and give water on his head, make wind with shares. After a few hours, Gadai awakes up and comes to the before condition. When 'Chandra Devi' heard then she was so worried about her son.  

Consciousness towards religion:- The initiation ceremony was complete of Ramakrishna when he is nine years old. The woman 'Dhoni' was the mother of Gadai in this initiation ceremony. 'Ramkumar' was against it, because  'Dhoni' was not a Brahmin woman, But once Gadai promises to dhoni Finally, it was so. Now Gadai got a new job Worship of God. Gadai finds out to the Lord 'Raghubir' in his body during deep meditation. In childhood time he was so Brilliant like the older. Once there was a debate on Scripture in Lahababu's house, Gadai went to see with his friends. There is a lot of debate about a topic in the scripture, and everyone's opinion is different, everyone is saying with shaking hands and his head, but no one comes to the right conclusions. Gadai was seeing these and understood, finally he said the correct meaning of this, Everyone was surprised and looked at him. Yes, it is true, Everybody embraced him with joy and agree to have the power of the goddess inside his body. His skills in Palagan, acting, and Shastriya Bhajan Sabeet were immense, so all the girls in the village came to the house of Gadai after finish all the work to listen to his speeches.

Come to Calcutta:- Ramkumar was the elder brother of Gadai doing tuition in 'Jhamapukur' Kolkata. He brought Gadai there. Gadai was then seventeen years old. But Bimal does not mind reading, because the elder brother asks, ' চাল কলা বাঁধা বিদ্যে আমি শিখবোনা ' The purpose of my life is the other - I do not want to enjoy the happiness of the family. Ramkumar also goes to worship in many homes, finally, the responsibility was given on Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna was happy because he loved to worship. It's going on three years.
Kolkata Jan Bazar 
The Dakshineswar Kali temple is established:- Rani(queen) Rashmoni was a woman of great spirituality. Her living place was in 'Janbazar' in Kolkata.  Once, Rani Rashmoni was going to 'Kashi' on a boat to visit Annaparadevi's visit and worship. On the way, Maa Kali(Devi) dreamed near Dakshinesswar 'You make arrangements for me to build a temple here.' She returned from there after getting a dream. Then he bought the land and built a temple in Dakshinesswar bank of Ganga. Ramkumar established the temple and became a worshiper. Ramakrishna started coming here with his elder. Rani Rashmoni and 'Mathubabu' also comes time to time, 'Mathubabu' was the Son-in-law of 'Rani Rashmoni', He helped the queen in property purposes. One day they will be seen 20 years old 'Ramakrishna', they were so impressed to hear sweet bhajan and so beautiful architecture to make the shape of Lord Shiva. then decide 'Ramakrishna' will be head worshiper in his temple, And an opinion keep on 'Ramkumar'.
The Dakshineswar Kali temple
Ramakrishna the chief servant of the temple:- According to the elder brother 'Ram Kumar', Ramakrishna and his nephew reached the temple as a worshiper. In Dakshineswar, there were twelve 'Shiva' the temple and temple of 'Radha Govinda' with the Kali temple. The different worshiper was appointed each one. Ramakrishna became the sole worshiper of 'Maa kali'. Ramakrishna used to worship 'Kali' in the form of a mother, and his heart became energetic to see her. He always used to stay in the mother's thoughts day and night, when all sleeping, he used to call his mother alone, there was a jungle on the side of Panchabati north of Kalibari. He used to meditate and go there alone. Once upon a time, Hridoy realized that he was meditating under a huge tree in the jungle. he tried to scare too much, but Ramakrishna could not understand anything because he was deeply involved in deep meditation.

Seeing Maa Kali:- The craving to see 'Maa Kali' is growing day by day.No sleeping, no eating crying to call only 'Maa'.He cried in front of the temple and says her I don't want money, fame, name, and no happiness of the world, but only you. At one time he thought that in this life maybe mother would not be able to see, and this life was not possible without her mother, he decided that this life should not be kept, and when she thought that Axe had kept her hand, The Devi kali's appearance was emerging. Ramakrishna became unconscious. Ramakrishna used to say that if he did not see his mother, he would have been upset, and if there was a lot of pain when he could not see his mother, then there would be no external knowledge. And I have seen Maa talking to me, laughing with me so much. After receiving the Devi Kali, Ramakrishna could not worship the Conduct. When he entered the temple did not see any stone statues of Devi Maa, he could see the whole room filled with wonderful light of inside standing 'Devi-Maa Kali'.

The strange procedure of worship:- Ramakrishna was able to see only the mother inside the home, outside, see in every animal and everywhere. Ramakrishna felt, 'Mother goddess' started breathing, and her trembling. and 'Goddess Mother' eat early for some time before worshiped, she would say to Ramakrishna, I would not eat if you did not eat first. One day a cat came to Ramkrishna's worship, he thought that 'goddess Maa kali' came and gave him Prasad. The employees of the Kalibari thought it was anarchy. They complained to 'Mathur Babu', but 'Mathur babu' reaction is nothing against Ramakrishna. Then 'Mathur Babu' told everyone that he will worship like him, you will not say anything. he knows 'Ramakrishna' and see his worship, Now that Ramakrishna is always seen the 'Devi maa', doing so is like this. Mathur Babu thought that the construction of the temple was successful in the day.

Ramkrishna's wedding :- Ramakrishna could not worship him for a long time, his 'Devi maa' is not the only form of God in Kali, Shiva, Durga, Kali, Ram, Krishna, Narayan, Alla, God etc how many name people call him, He wanted to see God in another form. Day and night he started thinking about 'Raghubir'. News reached home, he was crazy. Chandramani thought that if the marriage of the son done may ease the mind, the mind will sit in the house. Ramakrishna was brought to Kamarpukur, Ramakrishna himself searched for the bride, 24 years Ramakrishna's marriage to Jairamabati's five-year-old 'Saradadevi' was completed. 'Sarada Devi' was arranged with ornaments from Laha Babu's house. After Ramakrishna, make the jewelry for 'Saradha Devi'. He looked at 'Sarada Devi' as 'Sita Devi'. He believed 'Sitadevi' came to as 'Saradhadevi'. He used to worship Sarada Devi as 'Devi Maa'.
Maa Sarada Devi
Different ways reach god:- After marriage, 'Ramakrishna' stays in 'Kamarpukur' above one year seven months. Then come back to 'Dakhsineswar' for worship 'Maa-Kali'. But he could not worship for a long time, One day, she was dressing flowers, this time she saw a boat rides on the banks of the Ganges. A 'Bhairavi' came from the boat. Ramakrishna comes back and told 'Hridoy' to brought the 'Bhairavi' here. Seeing Ramakrishna she said, I have been looking for you for a long time. Maa said that you have to be Pursuit in the form of tantra. Tantra pursuit mean, think of Jagatjanani pursuit of the goddess. Practical pursuit is complete, Ramakrishna's mind was a bit relaxed. Ramakrishna wanted to get God in different ways in different ways and proceeded on the same path.

According to Vaishnava, pursuit:- One day Ramakrishna watches, a monk sitting under a tree near Panchabati. he has a holy book in hand, open the book of a watch and crying from time to time. Ramakrishna thinks what is written inside this book that when he sees start crying. he has seen fill every page in this book 'om rama...om rama..'. this monk reply to Ramakrishna existence of 'Rama' in our Sansar, and around the Univers, you can read every holly books automatically when you say 'Om Rama'. Ramakrishna understands the concept and thinks to pursuit the way of 'Vaishnava'. Accept the path of Vaishnava pursuit Ramakrishna seen the Lord the form of 'Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, & Sri Radha'. He wanted to see God as his son. One day a Vaishnava priest came to Dakshineswar with a child 'Ramalala' metal statue. Ramakrishna used to feed him, bathed, talked to him, who he had got in his child 'Rama'.

Pursuit according to Vedanta:- One day in Dakshineswar, there is a Saint Elen, the name 'Tattapuri'. One of those who pursue God in the tradition of Monasticism. He met Ramakrishna, his extreme wishes, as he saw God, will also show of Ramakrishna. But if you go on this way, you should be a monk and if your mother 'Chandramani' knows that his son has been a monk, then he will suffer, so Ramkrishna said to Totapuri, I will fulfill in your opinion, but will hide, Totapuri agreed. In Panchabati, Ramakrishna made an accomplished cottage. There was dawn in the morning, in the cottage doing oblation, he became a monk. In deep meditation, he found God in another form.

Pursue in Muslim and Christian opinion:- In Hinduism, there is nothing else to do in the pursuit of Hindus, so Hindus do not call God alone, Muslim Christians and others call on God. Ramakrishna wants to accomplish those paths. At that time there was a Muslim fakir in Dakshineswar, his name was 'Govinda', the Muslims called God 'Allah' and he learned from Fakir how to call this 'Allah'. He started pursuing a Muslim, and at this time he also saw 'Muhammad'. Later, he started pursuing the Christian way, and he also saw 'Jesus Christ'.In this way, he has to Pursue all religions after 12 years, beginning with the worship of the goddess (Maa-Kali). He found God on all the paths one by one, The main essence is that Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and others are calling the same God. Someone says Brahma, Kali, Krishna, whoever says God, whoever says Allah, who or anything else. He is called different names, in a different form, in every religion. That's why he said, 
'যত মত তত পথ'.

After all the pursuit ends, he worshiped his married wife 'Saradadevi' with worldly wisdom. He always saw 'Saradadevi' as the goddess 'maa Kali'. He used to say, 'You have come to frolic with flowers, all together'. After all the pursuit of Ramakrishna, many scholars, saints came to listen to the dictum of God. The boys of the school and college also came. One such disciple Narendranath Dutta (Swami Vivekananda) has spoken about Ramakrishna throughout the world, for the sake of humanity. Sri Ramakrishna, how good it is that is said to be published in the book today, for the benefit of the people, the people who will get peace, and what will be released. Every word of Ramakrishna is still in the minds of the human society.

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