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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

how to keep your computer fast and clean

how to keep your computer fast and clean


Hello, Freinds welcome to my blog. Hare, we discuss an important topic, Day to day increase users of Personal Computer and Laptop. Everyone used it a different type of works, so when it's work then we should maintain properly, A question comes in mind how to keep your computer fast and clean so basic process you can Remove unnecessary programs and files. For more problems like a startup, viruses, full on cache files etc read this Article clearly. This prosses works both of your P.C and Laptop viruses-free, a startup problem, cache files clear and fast your computer with any Windows version

Explanation your keyboard:- Use together this prosses.....

1) Delete- 'shift+delete'
2) All select-'Ctrl+A'
3) Run on search bar-'Type-run' or 'Windows key+R'
4) select-' Ok/ Enter'
5) Use command-'Small letter'

Many files hidden on your computer we can find out of user command, You should open search bar then type run or ctrl+r open a pop-up page type- %temp% then ok or enter, opened unnecessary files select all and delete them.
ctrl+r-'run' -'%temp%'- enter-ctrl+a- shift+delete.
Run Box

These also type of hidden files-Type- temp then ok or enter, opened unnecessary files select all and delete them.

The hidden files are store day to day so you delete most recent files by-open search box type-recent then ok or enter, opened unnecessary files select all and delete them.

Same way open search box and type-prefetch then ok or enter, opened another pop-up page select continue to select all unnecessary files and delete them.
search box-run-'prefetch' -continue- select all -delete-ok

the open search box and type-cleanmgr then open a pop-up page select a drive and click ok. after cleaning opened another pop-up page and by the default select box you just press ok, then open other page and written are you sure you permanently delete this file' so you need to delete. It's may take some time depends on your drive.
search box-run-'cleanmgr'-enter-chose drive-ok-showing selected box-just ok-delete

We delete all cache files that are unnecessary but visual but have some hidden files that are invisible that case we can use this comment, that works a second. Same way open search box and type-tree then ok or enter. delete automatically
search box-run-'tree'-ok

Every computer has a drive, Maybe 2,3,4 or more. so how to keep your computer fast and clean? Right click to your mouse on any drive click properties click disk clean up, then opened a pop-up and clean. After cleaning open another page and by default two selected but you tick all boxes to select then click ok-then delete the file. mostly your 'C' drive takes time more, it depends on the drive and this prosses you can follow to another drive.
on the drive right click-properties- clean up disk- select all box-ok-delete file
Select Drive
Many more computer has startup the problem, It takes maximum time to start so you can manage this problem. opened search type run after msconfig and ok open other page click boot then you can see four boxes (depend on software version) select what you want then changed time out a section that you want click advance option and select maximum number in box and tick memory maximum then apply, ok. After the finished the computer wants for a restart but you don't restart because of the next settings.

run-msconfig- enter-boot-open 4 or 2 box-timing set-advance option-select box number-memory- maximum-apply-ok.

After Boot selection opens again search box type run- msconfig press ok click startup, click open desk manager, show application those are opened so according to you disable one by one.
run-msconfig-enter-start up-open desk Manager-select one-disable.

Manual, you can make easy to your computer, run then click control panel or you can reach direct, In control panel, search bar type defragment then click administrative tool select drive and click Optimize
run-control panel-search bar-defragment-administrative tool- select drive-click optimize

Same way you can do other settings in the control panel, control panel then clicks the system then click advanced system settings then performance the settings and adjust for the best appearance at the end apply ok.
control panel-system-advance system settings-performance settings-adjust for best appearance-apply ok.

You can attach an Antivirus on your computer like Malwarebytes antivirus. The specialty of this antivirus is after download it's work free for 15 days, you can buy a premier version after 15 days complete. If you maintain all the trick on the bottom it will 80% release your computer without anti-virus. Thank all of you viewers for reading this article.

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