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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ajit Doval story

Ajit Doval story

Now a day's in India it seems to 'Ajit Doval' as the character of James Bond. Ajit Doval is now in India I.S.A chief, his intelligence, capability, credibility, and Courage really Impeccable. His concentration to work discretion help to rising the work field. He is the 5th and current National security Adviser of the Indian government.
Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval born in Pauri Garhwal village of Uttarakhand on 20 January 1945. Ajit Doval's father was an officer in the Indian Army. Doval taking his primary education in Ajmir 'Ajmir Military School' He graduated with a master's degree in economics from Agra University in 1967. After complete his education he studies for the U.P.S.C exam as an I.P.S. His great effort was successful, at last, he joined the I.P.S in 1968 in the Kerala cadre. Doval police career trained by M.K-Narayanan who was a Governor of West Bengal once.

Intelligence career:-

 Diplomatically Doval was very strong from his starting police career, During the time Mizo National Front he spent a long period Incognito with the Mizo National Army in Myanmar and played an important role merger of the Indian state. The incident on the Golden Temple some Sikh militants (Khalistan) want to make a different country with the Sikh community, the rebellion took the extreme form. Khalistan militant shelter in the Punjab Golden Temple. It's heard at that time Doval taking incognito of rickshaw man outside Temple, Once Khalistan doubts to him and called out, Doval replied his Identity the agent of I.S.I. Sikh militant believe him and join with them. during this time Doval finds out all the information to giving Indian militant. Name of the operation 'blue star' will Golden Temple happen by Indira Gandhi Government against Khalistan. This successful mission help to done by Ajit Doval. Doval spent seven years in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad Pakistan. Stay Pakistan as an Islamic Incognito and collect critical information. He went to Kashmir in 1990 instigating militant-'Kuka Parray' for Anti India activity, Doval manages the situation without violence and after the Kashmir election started. Doval was one of the three negotiators who intermediary to release passengers from the Kandahar plane hijacking of Indian Airlines Aircraft in 1999. In 2014  when I.S.I.S organization kidnap 46 Indian nurses in Tikrit Iraq, Doval releases all nurses with his diplomat negotiators. In the 2016 Indian government doing surgical strick against Pakistan, it has the biggest role of Ajit Doval. recently 14 Feb 2019 after Pulwama attack in India India destroyed terror camp in Pakistan Balakot, Around 300 people died behind this successful operation Doval play Important Role. After this happening Pakistan also send war aircraft cross L.O.C of 3k.m for attack the Indian military camp, Indian Aircraft Immediately chased and incidentally Indian 'Mig Jet' obliterate Pakistani 'S-16'. Might Jet pilot 'Abhinandan was caught by Pakistani militant, According to 'Geneva' contract Pakistan should release the pilot, but they didn't show Interest. 1st march 'Abhinandan released on 'Bagha Border' because of central government diplomatic strategy and once again it's seen Ajit Doval Involved directly.

Award and recognized:-

Ajit Doval was the youngest police officer who has given the 'Police Medal' Award for his great service, normally after 17 years of police service this award is given. After the Award President's police medal. In 1988 he granted one of the highest award 'Kirti Chakra' this award especially given only military honor. recently Indian Bollywood makes a film 'URI' against URI attack, hare we can see Doval appropriate character.

Ajit Doval was director of the Intelligence Bureau, After his retirement in 2005 continuously giving his Intelligence to India till now. In December 2009 Doval becomes founding 'Vivekananda International Foundation' He is also writing two reports on 'Indian Black Money' That's abroad in secret bank.

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