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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Acharya Chanakya

                                           Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya was a glory of Indian history. chanakya born on the 4th century in the village Golla region. He was very talented from his young age. he was actual patriot from starting and he was an economist, teacher, advisor, philosopher, astrologer, diplomacy expert, beginning time he was a professor of 'NALADA' university, Acharya knew also 'Kautilya' and 'Vishnugupta' who is the author of Valuable book 'Arthashastra' that help to Comfortably drive Maurya dynasty.
the subsequent time he Was done pradhan acharya of 'Takshsila' university. At that time Sekender was winning whole world empire to come trying to enter Bharat, Acharya is worried and thought why not build an unbroken Bharat, on that time have many dynasties in Bharat that's why he meets so many kings's, on that time he reached Magadh dynasty king 'Dhananand' and influence him why not we prepare together aginst Sekender ? Dhananand was a delicate king taken tax from the renter and enjoying. he does not hear anything of acharya put his leg on the chest of Acharya... acharya falls down on the floor the hair has been opened from pledged, Acharya will Humiliate and promised to Dhananandh not as long as I destroy your dynasty never tie my hair.

Acharya finds a little boy who was ordinary but hard worker he is Chandu... who build himself letter Chandragupta by Acharya Chanakya. acharya give him diplomacy canny of everything that made a militant. some days build many soldiers and actually included Chandragupta in Sikender soldiers. this way Acharya takes a Sikender weakness and once attack to finish Sikendar that was first wining of acharya.....

From win this battle come confidence fully, so five thousand soldiers with an elephant horse attack on Magadh the Nanda dynasty, it is losing the battle, all soldiers died and by any means Chandragupta and acharya save their life. later he thing to decision cause of losing because he should attack first outsiders of Magadh then Magadh may be weak it is harmful to attack the middle of the empire, learn and start to build soldiers again and take some strategy. he prepared poison lady would have killed by kissing Magadh kings. sometimes mixed poisons food, recruit some spy for getting news. then he did a small attack side of Magadh, once he includes Kashmir king, Porus, Yunani attack Magadh dynasty and wins the battle. after then  Kabul, Gandhar, Balochistan, Turkmenistan, Kirkistan with all central Asia acharya build an only Maurya dynasty, Chandragupta is the king of Chandragupta Maurya.
Acharya was not greediness to set the Royal throne. he has more confidence that's why when found Chandu latter, Chandragupta, vision is clear himself for made unbroken Bharat. Acharyaknowsw it's not will be easy but a determination work behind and still his mind. acharya faces many problems with his goal but never stops. He used to think life is uncertain and short so you need to learn from the other's mistakes.

                                                  what we learn

1. Many obstacles come to life but you need passions for the right time.

2. When you fail only when you learn properly.

3. If you promise yourself any stage in your life you can do anything.

4. You need fully self-confidence that will be the supreme win.

5. You need to take decisions of anything else that rising your confidence.

6. Any work that you want to do you should start the primary level.

7. About the big assignment, you should take powerful persons of your circle.

8. In your life creativity is extraordinary and valuable, acharya invented a new concept at that time in seven strategies.

9. Chandragupta was blind faith of his guru Acharya so we can get the result.

10. You should respect the time maybe it's a good time or bad time either u can be lost yourself like 'Nanda dynasty-Dhananand'.

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