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Saturday, January 4, 2020


January 04, 2020


Today twenty century it is really painful that we are the owner of extream Patience because we come from a middle-class family. we just play our role but Society's capitalists and politicians write our fate, we all know very well India is democratic country societies powerful people still exist because of our but we beg continuously and obviously, politicians don't miss any chances, they just doing vote bank politics because they are expert on it. continuously 'making India' converted to 'jobless India' day to day but no one protest on it everyone said NRC CAB new India and so on.

In the present situation of India mostly the young generation suffering from frustration for getting no job, no one politician explains it that how can create new job vacancies. Look at upon Israel start-up industries and their intellectual policies, Israel's population is so small than India but Israel citizens are not jobless because of their country policy. when others are engaged to build their own country infrastructure then Indian politicians are very busy to services their own relatives and nearest people, in every profession, you should have a skill but once if you join as a politician then you are the all, no one bigger than you. 

Are you know what is the biggest achievement of the politician? patriotism Mudda, totally free of cost politics going on, it's a psychological game. Every major yojana of Government mostly suffering from ordinary people, no it's not a joke it's the reality that we pay the tax and we face all the problems. Those who are nominated by us never come to our constituency after the vote, the wealth of politicians and industrialists is increasing every year and the lives of ordinary people are getting worse every day. We are governed by a section of society where there is no democracy. The government never thinking about the poor but collecting the votes.

yes, NRC is valuable to implement in India and job vacancy for youth generation is it valueless? it's not government duty? new industries don't open but shut down every day. we just fight with each other by politicians the base on religion and casteism and politicians are watching this circus and we are the big joker in this circus.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Indian politics- I'm a citizen

September 19, 2019

The Indian politics- I'm a citizen

Beni give me a cup of tea, yes sir, will you prefer butter toast with your tea? No, give me a biscuit with my tea I have no extra money to effort your butter toast, ok.

Hey, do you all come together in the morning? Yes da, in fact, we are always together when we go out we are apart. The whole world like a theater. this is true.

So 'Ram' what about you?                                                                                                                                                                  
Ram- Now our time is running fast, from Himachal to Kanyakumari you can only see us. We only used emotion in politics where every opposition uses a lot of money. The spirit of patriotism is the spirit of better nation-building. Now all the old and young generations are with us. But every year there is so much unemployed, what about this? Ha ... ha ... it will become a habit over time. The problem of the country may not be resolved, but let our nation head see how his influence is working around the world.

Hey 'Sam' what is the situation of your 'Biswa-Bangla'?

Sam- We would rather keep our Bengal at the top than other states of India. But how can this happen! You are the existential crisis of people in Bengal, oh no, the way we are moving forward, we will use power for power, but unemployment is rising day by day in Sam Bengal, what are you doing for this problem? This can lead to unsustainable social activity, increase anti-social activity and may even take the shape of rebellion? Ha ... ha ... no, no, in fact, we have made some projects to suppress all this stupidity. Like distributing rice against the minimum price of 2 rupees, and by making 'Kanyashree' 'Yuvaashree' we will make 'Bangshree'. We are paying a lot of money to many clubs, so of course, they are our supporters, we are giving money to 'Maulana', they are also our supporters, and now we are suppressing and giving money to Hindu priests too, so All Hindus are with us. We will remain in power at any cost.

'Ramesh' is not seen much these days, are you okay? Yes, da.

So while it is true that your party is a national party, what is the reason that it took so much effort to get opposition seats in Parliament?

Ramesh- Actually, we never thought that our politics of thousand crores of money and appeasement will be lost in front of the 'nationalism' of the ruling government. Nowadays technology is improving a lot and people are getting educated day by day, so our fraud politics is not growing around the people of India. But we believe in the family system, in the coming days, we will proceed with this strategy.

Hi, Kabir, why do you keep quiet, say something. Long live communism, this slogan is rarely heard nowadays. Today communism is not in Bengal, not in Tripura, is your existence limited to Kerala?

Kabir- Yes it is true that we have lost our power but according to our situation we can combine and also cut votes. We will move forward only by opposing appeasement politics, nationalism, capitalism, and Brahmanabad. Our comrades are everywhere if they will rebel as necessary, and will again activate jungle terrorists.

Ok, da, we have to go, we going to 'Big-Bazaar' for shopping together. Ok by

Hey, Beni how much of my tea-biscuit? 10 rupee da.

Friday, June 7, 2019

the extream truth: human bieng are not conscious

June 07, 2019

the extream truth: human beings are not conscious

It's our behavior we all busy to implement our life through hard work and unseen the reality of life. Life is going on to complicated day to day because we don't come out from our unconscious mind. Which is in front of us and is involved with our life, we left it and run to get a different thing and finally we make a different world. Everyone knows if he is born, then he will die, but nobody knows what is the purpose of birth. For the purpose of birth, someone wants to become an engineer, doctor or something else, but this will not stop the game of birth or death; The purpose of birth is to serve the need, to create a reverence for others within yourself, to serve poor people as a human being.

We don't Respect to the woman:-

Why we don't Respect the woman? If we look back on history, the woman is forever oppressed, deprived and oppressed by society. In modern times, its effect was not completely over. In Indian culture, we can see the women's are leaving their home after marriage and come to her husband house forever, But the people of her in-laws continue to persecute her only for dowry. It is strange, women are not safe till late at night on the street, women of maximum families are not allowed to work after marriage, and in all the many social activities they are all Deprived, because they are women.

When people Deprived by the servant:-

We all know once all the countries were dependence by others, After independence, the countries were gain capability on itself, After all, make itself a democratic country. India is also a democratic country, the administration is made to serve the people, the ruling politician is representative of the people, but people deprive by them. How strange in India, in the division of the village, maximum people are deprived of political leaders, whereas democracy is alive by the tax of Indian people. We will pay the tax to develop the country and the political leaders will be involved in corruption, stay happy and deprived we all the people, it is not funny?

We need to get more & more:-

Every day our need getting more and more whereas we know very well that death is certain in our life. We are taking so much stress for achieving our needs, Diabetes is increasing, a heart attack is increasing and weak our body constantly, for our happiness, we just running behind the money but happiness doesn't come at the end. well, I'm not against hard work, but when you will be done your job, you should be stress less, and be fit your body because your death is not decided how riched you are, it is not possible if you are a billionaire than you can get ten years more life.

All countries want to be the best nuclear power:-

We all know about the 1st world war, 2nd world war and many revolutions of independence but if I come to a conclusion it was how many beneficiaries of human beings? A nuclear attack by Soviet sang to Hiroshima, Nagasaki destroys the humanity of humans, till now the soil of this surface area is full poison, If someone is born here, he will be disabled. Many countries spend a lot of money to build Nuclear Bombs, but they do not pay attention to the poverty of their country. one side total cost to prepare a nuclear bomb can destroy a city and human, and another side if this total cost invests in poverty then they will be alive, happy and come out from poverty save humanity.

Self-pride and show others losers:-

If someone has a lot of money, then there is an ego in it and an opportunity to others show humiliated, whereas the truth is that before man is born or after death, the man brings something and neither takes anything. A beautiful face can't decide how nice human you are, many people use branded cosmetics for their skin, face but it's true smell come out from every dead body after 24 hours. At that time all the important cosmetics will fail to do their job.

No one wants to read accurate religious holy books:-

As a Hindu, I respect all religious sacred books, nowadays some monsters are expanding inhuman activities by using their sacred books. Some citizens think that it is right that they are doing, but they never read their holy books fully. every religious people should read their holy books themselves then the narrative thinking to other religions can be finished forever. No religion teaches that you kill an innocent person, this is an illusion created in our midst so that all their shops can run and they all use us the name of religion, in India, all the politicians follow this divided rules But we should be conscious.

There are a lot more things that are simple but we do not see them, so dear readers what we should know more that will be good for society and socialism, please tell us in the comment section what it should be.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A popular prime minister: oath ceremony, 2nd time PM for all Indians

May 29, 2019

A popular prime minister: oath ceremony, 2nd time PM for all Indians
In 2019 on 30 May Indian popular PM 'Narendra Modi' going to prime minister again in India with 303 seats alone and alliance NDA get 353 seats out of 542. Modi's simplicity, Intelligence, Diplomacy, Leadership, Honesty, Patriotism, make him a great leader, His popularity has not only India have around the world. In India after 40 years a single party comes in rule alone with this grand majority, definitely, it will be an attractive oath ceremony in Presidential Bhawan. with his great joy of the Indian democracy, Modi got congratulated from many countries, like- USA, UK, Japan, China, Srilanka, Russia, Israel, etc. Narendra Modi also Invited them to present his oath ceremony and invited all the 'BIMSTEC' member countries. 

Who is invited to the oath ceremony:-

30th May at 7.00 pm, Modi's oath ceremony commences in Rashtrapati Bhavan. All Chief Ministers of the Indian State has been invited, many people have been invited to the famous Bollywood Industries, some of them are 'Rajinikanth', 'Kamal Hossain' Many countries including 'The BIMSTEC' have been invited by the Government of India to attend this oath ceremony. According to the news, about four to five thousand people will be present during this oath ceremony, all cabinet ministers will be sworn in together with Narendra Modi. This is the first time that Pakistan has not received an invitation from India to enter the ceremony.

Why did Pakistan not get an invitation from India?:-

We know the Indian Prime minister 'Narendra Modi' going to take oath for the second time, At first in 2014 he comes as a famous leader from BJP and make a ruling party in India. On that time Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif was invited of his oath ceremony but after few days was held 'URI' attack by Pakistani militant. After this incident India has stopped the SAARC summit and build a new organization BIMSTEC, The country Nepal, Bhutan, China, Srilanka, Afganistan, Pakistan, Myanmar is a member of BIMSTEC. All countries of BIMSTEC except Pakistan have been invited to the oath ceremony.

May 30, Cricket World Cup is going to start, but there is more enthusiasm in the country about the Modi Ji oath ceremony. Modi has united 130 million people of the country like 'Sabka Sath Sabka Bikash' mantra. Before the oath ceremony, Modi will visit Rajghat 'Gandhi Tombstone', the samadhi of ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. All the Indians are weight to see when Narendra Modi oath as an Indian Prime Minister.

Read More:-

Sunday, May 26, 2019

West Bengal Class 12 result: WBCHSE result-2019

May 26, 2019

West Bengal Class 12 result: WBCHSE result-2019

Hello, dear aspirants West Bengal higher secondary board of examination decide to declare the H.S result next 27th May. This day after 10 am you are all able to see your result in the West Bengal board official website, and also you can watch your result by sending SMS. All the details have included are given below. In 2018 higher secondary result was published on 8th June and registered 83.57% of passing percentage. According to sources In 2019 total 8,16,243 candidates appeared in the West Bengal higher secondary board examination. so let's see what is the procedure to check H.S result easily on the West Bengal board government website. 

WB class 12 result how can check and download:-

We also know 2019 West Bengal higher secondary exam conducted by WBCHSE from 26 February to 13 March, so your H.S result comes on 27 May from 10 am. Make it easy please follow the below instructions step by step.

1. At first, visit the official website at  
2. You will get west Bengal class 12 result download link on the Hompage.
3. Open a new window, enter the required details and press the submit button.
4. Your result is shown finally and you can download it.
5. There has a print icon, you can take a printout of your result.

How to get class 12 result via SMS:-

Dear aspirants, you are also able to check your H.S result by a mobile SMS just follow on three steps.

1. Type WB12 your Roll number
2. sent the text to 56263
3. After a minute your result will reach your phones' message inbox.

My best wishes to every aspirant of West Bengal Board Class 12 and good luck for your future. And wish you all who do not appear the class 12 exam, I just want to say you guys don't worry better luck after the next time.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Indian News: Indian politics 2019, BJP vs Gathbandhan

May 16, 2019

Indian News: Indian politics 2019, BJP vs Gathbandhan

In India, the 2019 Loksabha election complete with seven phases of decision making by the Indian election commission, Six phases voting in India complete already. About 130 crore Indians celebrating with express their opinion to giving a vote to build the strongest democracy in Indian. One side BJP united with NDA and another side 'Mahagathbandhan' that alliance with each-other of all the regional parties from all the state in India. Coming 23rd May voting result will be published by the Indian election commission. If BJP comes again it will be historical in India after independence and BJP would rise as a single largest party in Indian democracy.

Why Gathbandhan made against to one single Party:-

Well, It's so simple to understand 'Gathbandhan' makes only for service himself, not for the Nations, Where in 2014 the BJP alone had achieved the absolute majority and came into the government, there is no way without united of all the regional parties being one. And most of the reason of this unity, all the regional parties suffering from fear of their own scamp, murder accuse, brutality on civilians, Appeasement, Land Acquisition, smuggling, terror funding, and all illegal activities, during six-decade. If the BJP is again in the reckoning, then all these corrupt politicians may be subjected to the action. So 'Gathbandhan' made to save to himself only, they are not worried about the Nation and not for the Indian public. in 2019 election in India where the BJP issue is Nationalism, Patriotism, Freedom from poverty, Digital India, extended job vacancy, To remove inflation, build hugely innovation and start-up in India, India's beauty spread across the world, there 'Gathbandhan' issue in the 2019 election is only to stop Modi, remove Modi. The election of 2019 is being fought only on two ideologies, one who talks about the country and country interest, another side all talk only about their interest, now the country's people have to decide with whom you want to stand.

Why BJP came from such a large scale:-

Before 2014, in 1999, BJP had come once again in the government, under the leadership of 'Atal Ji' and we had seen a lot of development and change at that time. Especially, Before BJP, all the political parties were engaged in appealing to a particular community, for their vote bank. BJP is the only party who speaks after coming to power, 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikash', But all the parties made the life of the common man hell. After coming BJP, now rise hope in the heart of all the victims, maybe Hindustan is now living place for all 130 crore people. Freedom of speech is the fundamental right of the constitution in India, but it was missing before the decade, and It's possible again because of Bhartiya Janata Party. Hindustan was under the control of almost 800 years, sometimes by the Mughals, by the British and by the Italians, during a long time, by the BJP, Hindustan was free and get Independence. India is a democratic nation, it is now known that Hindustani was living in a family system for the past 60 decades. There have been very large attacks in India, earlier Government was not taken any action or reply, but now the present government takes action and gives a strong reply to destroy the terror to entering the home.

What do we want from the Indian government:-

Nobody worried about what do we want from the Indian government, because this is the new subject for those are busy to serve only himself and come in the rule because of himself. just think the last sixty years after Independence only a family how could rule in India? After 2014 the BJP has taught all the Indians that the country runs according to democracy, not on a family rule. About 130 crore Indians first came to know about this constitutional right. Indians need a stable government, which also talks about poverty, to create jobs for the youth, where women are protected, all communities can live with love and peace, there should be no difference between community and caste. The constitutional fundamental rights which the common people got, should never suppress the government. The government should the ability to protect the country and people. Should be focused on nationalism, leaving appeasement, vote bank, and political agenda. The common man's lifestyle is better, the development of the country, all of which depend on the government of the country, the good government always takes the country forward faster.

Why all opposition Is abusing to PM:-

This is the record after Independence where so much abusing from opposition received the Indian Prime minister. It is mysterious to understand, where the democratic India elected government made by voting, why all the political leaders against only one? well, I have reminded the speech of the Acharya Chanakya book 'Arthashastra' Where he said, in a state when all the thieves, robbers, revolt in the king's stand, then you should satisfy the law prevails in the state. The situation is like that in India. The opposition is trying to convince the prime minister to explain the voter, which is totally unconstitutional, we can see how cruelty, murder, burnt home, and so many illegal works have happened during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal. How shameful it is when the Chief Minister of West Bengal says to slap a Prime Minister, the opposition is trying to finish democracy and trying to build a personal rule. the opposition is want to do everything, doesn't matter it's crime or illegal activity, they just want power. They are not worried about the country and not for the people of India.

Now we the people of India should decide what type Government we want, a Nationalism Government who serves the people or a corrupt Government who serves himself and his family. Nowadays university also joins politics, if you raise your voice from 'JNU' and give anti-national slogan, you can get popularity and can be nominated for the Lok Sabha elections, you have permission to throw stones. And the sculpture of 'Vidyasagar' can be broken if you are from 'Jadavpur'. If you make a cartoon against a politician, you will be sent to jail, yes It's true freedom of speech is our constitutional right, but it never works if you are a BJP supporter. the principle should be taken as per the voting. either we the people of India will go backward as compare as the other countries.

A Burning Train: Sabarmati Express, Godhra railway station

Friday, May 10, 2019

Madhyamik Result 2019: WBBSE exam result

May 10, 2019

Madhyamik Result 2019: WBBSE exam result
WBBSE Result

West Bengal Board of Secondary education (WBBSE) results coming this month. According to news 
Board chairman declares on 21 May the Madhyamik exam result publishes, this declaration comes by a news conference conducted by West Bengal Secondary Education Board. WBBSE class 10 exam was conducted from 12 Feb to february22 2019. this is news announced that 10.66 Lakh students appear this West Bengal Secondary exam in 2019. declaration from the board on 21 May 9 p.m index the Madhyamik result and from 10 a.m it will be available on the Internet. All the students can check their exam results by Government website or send an SMS.

SMS sending procedure-

The candidate can check their result through SMS on 21 May after 11 a.m. there is a five digit three number, the candidate who can follow it any one of them.
SMS:- type WB1o,(enter your roll number) and send it  to- 54242/56263/58888

Candidate can check their result through Govt website:-

The Madhyamika result on Government website two links are given below, click and check your result.

1. visit the Government official website to check WBBSE exam result,

2. on the homepage click on the link 'WBBSE Madhyamik Result 2019'
3. After open the link fill all details, like- name, roll number, etc.
4. click on the submit button
5. The result on the computer screen display seen and can download it.

Wish you all the best to all Madhyamik candidate and your bright future by-



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